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I'm Niyc Pidgeon.

Positive Psychologist MSc, Global Success Coach, and Award Winning Hay House Author. 

I'm committed to helping you live with more happiness, fulfilment and success. 

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"“Very Inspiring… a fresh new voice in positive psychology.” "

Brendon Burchard
New York Times Best Selling Author, Top 25 Most Influential Leaders in Personal Growth and Achievement, Top 100 Most Followed Public Figure in the World

Learn the 5 steps to creating solid self belief, big personal growth, and unstoppable success for you and your business.

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Helping you create more joy, personal power, and unstoppable success.

Unstoppable Success Accelerator

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Join a group of unstoppable women in the influencer capitol of the world!

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Step into your power through the online tools in these online programs. 

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As a UN Women's Ambassador, supporter of women's rights.....


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